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that seems like progress. and progress sometimes happens in concrete ways. in ways that you can see when presidents are willing to go places that presidents have never gone before. willing to go places that presidents have never gone before. "first look" is up next. right now on "first look" on this thanksgiving eve, secretary of state hillary clinton is zigzagging across the middle east seeking a truce to prevent an israeli ground war. late last night boxing great hector macho camacho is shot while sitting in his car. and on the busiest travel day of the year we'll take you to turkey town u.s.a. good morning, i'm lynn berry we begin with the crisis in the mideast. secretary of state hillary clinton is negotiating right at this moment in an attempt to work out a truce to stop the violence in israel and gaza. we go live to amin live on the phone from gaza.
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what is the morning there? >> reporter: we have been out and about today in gaza, surveying some of the damage overnight from the israeli air strikes. from one site we visited it was completely reduced to rubble. israel claimed this was a hamas terrorist hub. locals say it was a government building that provides basic services for the residents in that area. we had a chance to visit one of the u.n. schools where thousands of palestinians now are being internally displaced. many of these people are leaving their homes on the eastern part of gaza, going to the u.n. schools and taking up refuge. the u.n. is struggling to cope with the influx of people. it's a dire situation for the residents of the hamas strip. all of this on the back drop of more talks. hillary clinton will be flying to cairo where she will meet egypt's president. many hoped a truce would go into effect last night.
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it did not. gaza felt like a war zone throughout the evening. a lot is riding on the secretary's visit. >> ayman mohyeldin, thank you very much. we want to go to the mayor of jerusalem. he joins us live from jerusalem over the phone. we want to thank you for the time joining us. we just mentioned the secretary of stated spending there with prime minister netanyahu in jerusalem yet, working to broker some kind of a deal, a cease-fire. how confident are you that this can even happen? >> it's very clear that it's short-term since the leadership of the hamas believes, like osama bin laden and al qaeda in death and destruction and their charter is to destroy israel. it's difficult to broker a deal with somebody that wants to kill you and they're not changing their charter.
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the challenge here is how do we make sure the hamas leadership understands that their motivation should be zero, very negative motivation to try and shoot indiscriminate fire on israeli civilians. >> so how far are you prepared to go? if you're saying a cease-fire can't be agreed on if their motivation is anything but zero, how far are you prepared to go and are you prepared for the repercussions based on those actions? >> the idea is, unlike hamas who are trying to kill civilians, we are focused on targeting the leadership. i hope and believe the residents, citizens of gaza will go back to their leaders and say do us a favor, stop shooting israel. we are need to broker maybe a deal, have some quiet. israel is interested in this. i'm sure most residents in gaza are interested. leaders of hamas have to make sure they're not violent against israel. it's a challenge. based on this violence, can you
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describe what this crisis has been like for the people in your city? we read about accounts of sirens going off, children in school terrified, hundreds seeking shelter. can you describe what it's like? >> of course it's not good to hear the sirens going off. everyone in jerusalem and the rest of the country, especially the south and center are well-trained to deal with the situation. what we do, we do to safe zones around us, wait a few minutes, go back home to normal life. jerusalem has not been hit. life here is normal. as much as possible. we are continuing our routine. have not canceled any events. we are ready for the situation. we are giving the prime minister and israeli army the breath they need to deal with the situation. we had enough and we must stock market this indiscriminate fire. israeli government and the israeli security forces have
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full support by myself and the people of jerusalem and i'm sure the rest of the country. >> nir barkat, mayor of jerusalem, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you so much. well, back here at home, one person is now in police custody after the deadly house explosion in indianapolis earlier this month. this is according to our nbc affiliate wthr. officials will only say there have been no arrests and the investigation continues. search warrants were served on tuesday and law enforcement sources tell the indianapolis star they now suspect gas was intentionally released into the home and may have been sparked with a remote device. well, former boxing champion hector macho camacho is in serious condition after being shot and wounded last night in puerto rico. camacho was shot in the head and neck while sitting in a car and was rushed to the hospital. doctors say the bullet struck camacho in the jaw but exited his head and lodged in his shoulder. he is expected to survive.
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during his long career he held three world championships and defeated such great fighters as sugar ray leonard. fans of elmo and "sesame street" around the world are hearing about the real life details surrounding the man behind that beloved character. for 28 years kevin clash was not only the voice of elmo, he was also the driving force that helped propel the furry red monster into a global favorite. late yesterday clash resigned from "sesame street" as he was slapped with a multi-million lawsuit claiming he had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy a decade ago. clash issued a statement saying he hopes to resolve his personal matters privately. now for a look at your national weather and this being the busiest travel day of the year, he's a popular man for us, nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> maybe. >> shifted a bit from yesterday. >> the fog more problematic in the middle of the country. we knew we would have the rain in the west coast. that fog, it's yet to be seen
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how bad it will be. let's show you the heavy rain. three days in a row, each morning this time we have shown heavy rain. i-5 not a fun drive, 80 and 84 snowy. seattle and portland, some minor concerns there. san francisco dealing with rain showers on and off. i don't expect sacramento and san francisco to have major issues with the airlines today. the middle of the country, doesn't look like a lot, no rain, snow or ice, but dense fog. the air is not moving much. there's enough moisture out there. the fog has settled in. everywhere in the gray is under a dense fog advisory and the houston area has some dense fog. it's from the st. louis area, indianapolis, up to chicago, milwaukee, green bay, this is where it's kind of thick out there. the pea soup they like to call it. take some extra time. it will be difficult on the roads and the airports until the
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sun can burn it off. this time of year, the sun angle is low so it may take a while. st. louis reporting a tenth of a mile visibility. that's dangerous. green bay is at one mile of visibility. one mile is okay, but a half mile to a quarter mile, it's difficult to drive on the highways. forecast for today, we have the morning fog in this area until 10:00 or 11 clo 11:00, then the will burn things off and it will be beautiful out. it should get better as the afternoon continues. east coast looks beautiful. thanksgiving day, not many concerns travel-wise out there. few showers late in the day, possible chicago, st. louis, also down to oklahoma. my biggest concern is what is it going to be for the airlines this morning, especially o'hare, one of the busiest in the country and the world during the
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day today with that dense fog. >> hopefully just the early morning for those folks. the biggest insider trading score yet, plus walmart stores are bracing for much more than the usual onslaught of black friday shoppers. details are next. plus congressman james clyburn weighs in on ambassador susan rice. ♪ it's so important to make someone happy ♪ when you give a child a toy, it has to work. ♪ make just one someone happy
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here is your "first look" at your dish of scrambled politics. when jeb bush was asked if he would run for president, he told cnn i certainly hope so. rand paul has seen his dad make a few tries at the white house, and now he's dropping a few hints of his own about his future. >> are you interested in thinking about that? >> yes, i'm different than some in that i'm not going to deny that i'm interested. i think we have to go a
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different direction because we're not winning. >> all right this is awkward. mitt romney might just wind up being part of that infamous 47%. no, not that one. the cooke political report predicts when the final votes from maryland, new york are t l tallied up, governor romney will come up with 47% of the vote. who did the best job of dealing with super storm sandy, a new poll of new yorkers gives praise to new jersey governor chris christie, followed by president obama, new york governor and drooi cuomo and mayor michael bloomberg. sources say joe kennedy iii, robert kennedy's grandson will tie the knot with lauren birchfield. and meet the turkeys being
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pardoned and pam pefr perampere. they're spending the day at a swanky hotel, and then the president will pardon one of them. peta calls the pardon of turkeys misleading since the turkeys didn't do anything wrong. last night south carolina congressman james clyburn talked about the credentials of susan rice, and he told reverend al sharpton that rice is qualified to be secretary of state. >> this lady is as qualified as anybody that's ever served in government. and i think that it's time for these people to stop this foolishness. now, i have to give senator mccain credit. he now put out a statement that he now knows that susan rice was
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not responsible for the information that she read. he now knows where it came from he's disappointed that nobody told him where it came from. i think it's time for him to apologize. >> each night the reverend al sharpton delivers a lively debate of the top headlines. don't miss "politics nation" 6:00 p.m. on msnbc. bad news from hewlett-packard took wall street by surprise. hp plunged 12% after revealing a company it bought for $10 billion last year lied about its finances. the massive blunder has some on the street saying ceo meg whitman may be on the way out. overseas this morning asian stocks fell after european officials failed to release a loan payment to detmier, greece. here at home it's being called the most lucrative insider trading scheme ever. u.s. attorneys in new york announced a former portfolio manager has been arrested for allegedly obtaining secret advanced results of an
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experimental alzheimer's drug that netted his hedge funds $276 million. federal regulators now say they will not have enough time to prevent hundreds of planned protests by walmart employees on black friday. master card said holiday shopping in early november took a hit from superstorm sandy. apparel and luxury sectors were down 7% over last year. research in motion just lost another customer, the national transportation safety board. federal defense, immigration and tsa officials have already traded in their blackberries for iphones. the future of hostess is back up in the air after mediation with the bakery's second largest union failed yesterday, but that's not a problem for one man in oklahoma. his freezer is stocked with enough twinkies, ding dongs, ho hos, zingers, cupcakes and suze q's to last until doomsday. coming up next, legal or illegal? san francisco supervisors face public nudity issues head on.
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investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. here's your "first look" at some other news going on around america today. let's begin in houston where 24-year-old jessica tata was sentenced to 80 years in prison. the texas woman was convicted of murder after a fire broke out in her home day care in 2011. four of the seven children left in tata's care died while she
2:20 am
left the kids alone to go shopping. next to washington, d.c., and the sister of petraeus whistle-blower jill kelley went public for the first time with attorney gloria allred by her side. natalie khawam stood by as allred read various statements about natalie's character and said that her client shared a social relationship with the petraeus family. and finally by a vote of 6-5, san francisco supervisors voted to ban public nudity in the city's castro district. violaters face a $100 fine, but people can still be naked on special event days such as gay pride or the folsom street fair. all right, how about some sports? carmelo anthony went on a scoring binge with 29 points in a 102-80 victory over new orleans. the knicks have eight wins and
2:21 am
only one loss. former knicks coach mike d'antoni made his debut of the new coach of the los angeles lakers. in the closing minute kobe bryant drove to the basket and was fouled. they beat the nets 95-90. >> in college basketball rodney clark gave unranked butler a stunning upset of number nine north carolina 82-71 at the maui classic. and get to know this guy, jack taylor of division iii grennel college. he set an astounding new scoring record for any level of college basketball with 138 points against faith baptist bible. the final score, grennel 179-104. now for another look at the weather, we check in with our meteorologist/sports expert, bill karins. >> slash skeptical of everything. >> for a d3 school s th, is tha extraordinarily high-scoring? >> the game is only 40 minutes, 180 is ridiculous, him, 138, we
2:22 am
saw the highlights. >> you're still skeptical. >> i am. i don't believe it for a second. today the big concern is the airlines and on the road. so many people driving and traveling this morning. the northeast is looking good. clouds will clear out. airports at this hour, usually there's no problems, just opening up and just starting to get going. no issue whatsoever, looking clear as can be. all the concerns are with the foggy conditions. be careful, wisconsin, michigan, illinois, those are the travel trouble spots because of dense fog. >> bill, thank you very much. did actor sean connery pass on a movie roll that would have earned him close to $500 million? entertainment is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. time for citi price rewin. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online.
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let's look at the pros and continues of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. pro -- getting to see snoopy in the dog house float. con -- getting to see general petraeus in there with him. pro -- the parade will take a different route through the city. con -- not on purpose, just because they're using apple maps. the technology is not quite there. pro -- the parade will feature balloons of "buzz lightyear," sonic the hedge hog. con -- it's not 1993. now to a story that jimmy fallon could have a field day with. one breeder in child has placed his pigs on an exercise routine so they can produce leaner, healthier pork. bet you haven't seen this before. up to three times a day the pigs
2:27 am
are ushered through wooden chutes so they can dive into the pool below. if they do the workouts, the farmer says he can sell them for nearly three times the price. and one restaurant owner believes you have go hot or go home. especially when it comes to salsa. owners of el pinto restaurant tried their hand at making the hottest salsa on the planet. the secret ingredient, trinidad scorpion peppers. they are known as the spiciest pepper on earth. the first batch of the flaming salsa is being sold online. taste buds be warned. if you're in the market for a new apartment, madonna may have something for you. the material girl is selling her new york city duplex for $23.5 million. it has six bedrooms and get this monthly maintenance alone is over $11,000. >> i wonder if the door bell goes boom, boom, boom. >> good one, bill.
2:28 am
speaking of loads of cash, sean connery missed out on $450 mi million. >> listen up this is crazy. >> that's right. bill says listen up. he was offered 10% of the box office to play gandolf in the "lord of the rings" film. connery turned down the role because he didn't understand the script. is that a good enough excuse? just show up. the movies went on to make $2.9 billion. none of which is sean connery's. >> he could have had 15% of that? >> yep. you would think being named to barbara walters most fascinating list would be the highlight for one direction. but you would be wrong. they greeted queen elizabeth ii when they performed in london. one of the band members said today i met the queen. can't believe it. keep it simple. finally, in a recent interview, cameron diaz made some bold claims saying every woman wants to be objectified. the actress thinks it's empowering and says "i'm a woman and i know how to handle myself." cameron may want to speak for
2:29 am
herself. i'm lynn berry this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned, "way too early" starts right now. love it or hate it, black friday has become a major event in america. so much so it now even has its own holiday special. >> sir, shouldn't we say grace? >> i'll do it. today we give thanks for the food on our plates, for happiness and health. for the amazing low prices at our favorite chain stores where we will stampede and trample one another to save a few bucks on cheap crap we will give to people we don't even like that much. >> amen. >> do not get in my way tomorrow or i'll cut you. >> amen. >> if you touch him, i'll shove an ipad right up you

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